6 Statistics We work together with our clients to ensure their project is a success. Once the new website is launched, we compute statistics to understand if the conversion goals have been met. Moreover, we deliver statistics on your website traffic. The data computed is used to re-evaluate the project’s success and set new conversion goals for you and your business.
5 SEO Search engine optimization is paramount to a successful project. We take SEO extremely seriously as it has a huge impact on the position of your company's website in search results, the traffic on your website and the success of your conversion goals.
4 Realization Once the initial idea is agreed upon, we move on to the next step – development of a template. At this stage the simple image becomes a "living organism". Its design is fully responsive and displays the content correctly on all devices (PC, tablet, smart phone). The following step will connect the template with our content management system.
3 Design The design of a website is one of the most important parts of the project. Creative graphics are what drives your client's decisions. It affects how they perceive the goods and services offered, and it influences their decision to complete the required conversion.
2 Concept The outcome from the initial assessment is used to create the very first concept. We analyze the customer interface requirements and create a wireframe for your website. An effective layout of all features such as text, graphics and navigation are some of the most crucial elements of a successful project.
1 Analysis Before initializing a new project, we always start with an analysis. We assess the existing situation to understand where the project stands at the moment, what it's main conversion goals are and what it's potential for the future is. When dealing with larger projects, the work is divided into multiple phases to ensure a smooth and timely project delivery.

For years our company has brought effective ideas and creative design to development of websites and applications for customers in Slovakia, Germany and USA. We have been on the market since 2009, starting with only two small Slovak clients but later our portfolio grew past the borders of the country.

Step by step, we have created our own content management system which forms the basis for all our projects and is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We’re not fond of open-source systems, as they offer a number of redundant features which are confusing for an average web user. Each of our projects is unique - you will never find a graphic template in our work.

If you’re looking for a good value service full of creative ideas and you like our work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Websites & Apps

We build modern websites and applications using our own content management system. Each project is defined by its unique design, simple interface and accessibility. We refuse to use ready-made templates. Instead, we deal with each project individually.

Online Shop

Internet retail has become one of the founding pillars of any successful business. We offer complex solutions for internet retail regardless of the quantity of products you’re selling. Our content management system is flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Marketing Campaigns

We specialize in online marketing campaigns, as we understand the efficiency of a well-targeted campaign. We will provide you with a throughout market research, campaign execution and follow-up upon completion of the campaign.

Branding & CI

Creating a strong brand along with a recognizable company identity is not an easy task. If you manage to do that, you have won half the battle on the market. Take advantage of our long-term experience in building company identity and your business will forever stay in people's minds.
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